Are Celebrities Good Role Models

In my opinion celebrities can have a positive influence on youth. They can serve as role models but some cannot. No body should consider someone as a role model just because they are famous. Celebrities should be based on what they are famous for but many celebrities like Dywane Johnson and most importantly Malala Yousafzai and many such celebrities have inspired all of us towards education. These celebrities despite facing some or other challenges never backed down from their education. So in my opinion some celebrities a good role models but some are not. Just because someone is famous and rich in the public eye, does not mean that they have done something worthy to be there. The problem we face with having celebrities as role models is that if they start endorsing issues which are not positive, it can very easily lead our children astray. There are many unsung heroes out there. More over Celebrities even influence teens in many ways. Celebrities influence teens in other ways as well. When stars post images of themselves drinking or smoking on social media, they normalize substance use. Furthermore, they make it appear attractive and cool.Moreover, teens often idolize celebrities and want to be like them. Therefore, if they see images on Instagram of a favorite singer or actor using drugs or drinking, they might be tempted to do so as well. Some celebrities are a good role model for us and our future generations.Some celebrities could be considered role models or heroes, others should not. However, nobody should be considered a role model simply because they are a celebrity. Instead, celebrities should be judged based on what they are famous for, as well as how they present themselves to the public.Some examples for good celebrity role models are:

1: Dywane johnson aka The Rock: Boys love him and it’s not hard to figure out why. He is strong, popular and friendly. He is also a good role model with strong morals and clean values. Dwayne Johnson, or the Rock, has shown that nothing is beneath him or too hard for him.He is also one of the internet’s favorite dads. While his macho persona is what he’s best known for, the movie star shows time and time again that he has a soft side for his kids. He also uses his platforms for spreading awareness on issues he feels passionate about. Most recently, he announced his political alignments in this year’s elections and encouraged young people to vote.

2: Abdul Sattar Edhi :Abdul Sattar Edhi was a Pakistani philanthropist, ascetic, and humanitarian who founded the Edhi Foundation, which runs the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network, along with various homeless shelters, animal shelters, rehabilitation centres, and orphanages across Pakistan. He , founded and operated the Edhi Foundation, an extensive welfare organization that encompassed medical clinics, orphanages, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, shelters, and Pakistan’s largest ambulance service. The foundation was funded entirely by private donations and offered services to people without regard to religion or ethnic group. Edhi immigrated to Pakistan in 1947, shortly after the country became independent. In the 1950s he began his charitable work with the establishment of a free medical dispensary. In order to expand his services, he created the Edhi Foundation as a vehicle through which to raise funds. The response to his appeal for money enabled him to expand quickly. In reaction to a flu epidemic, he established treatment centres and then added maternity clinics as well as ambulances. He also began maintaining orphanages to care for abandoned babies and children. The foundation’s activities grew to include funeral services, education and vocational training, provision of homes and soup kitchens for the destitute, and assistance in emergencies. Edhi Foundation charities spread throughout Pakistan, and the foundation became the country’s largest private social-welfare entity. Edhi himself lived simply, devoting himself fully to the care of the needy. In 1986 he received the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service, and he was honoured with the 2000 Balzan Prize for Humanity, Peace and Fraternity Among Peoples

3 : Malala Yousafzai :

Malala Yousafzai, also known as Malala, is an activist for female education. She is also the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. She has inspired countless young people, including celebrities, with even the likes of Reese Witherspoon having called her a role model. Her bravery and determination to fight for what is right, against the odds and against persecution, encourages kids to step up and do what they know is right.

Malala just wanted to be a normal girl, but her environment didn’t allow for that. She refused to let the Taliban’s scare tactics get to her, and she fought for girls’ education; she continued even after she was shot by a Taliban gunman at the age of 15. Through her efforts, she was able to jumpstart an international movement to ensure that girls have equal opportunities to receive a good education. She has completed her studies at Oxford University this year, and she is certainly going to continue her work as an education activist.

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