How To Start A Youtube Channel With Your Playstation 4.

Hi, there. Today we will discuss How To Start A Youtube Channel With Your Playstation 4.Starting a youtube channel might seem difficult but it is not difficult. You can actually start your own youtube channel just from your ps4 and start earning from youtube.


1:First install share factory from the playstation store

2:Then choose a game

How Can You Do It?

First choose the game you want to upload on youtube. After you have chosen it, run the game. Then double tap on the share button on your controller and the recording will start.( If you want to change some settings like mic or the camera, then go to recording settings.)After you have recorded you gameplay, double tap the share button again and the recording will be saved in your capture gallery.


Now the most important part for a gaming video is editing the video. You can edit your video in share factory. Now you cant access all the features that Adobe Premiere has, but you can use the features of share factory for basic and intermediate video editing. It will take some time to edit but if you do it the right way then you can produce quality content to upload on youtube. (If you want to edit your video with a pc software then simply put a usb in your ps4 and then send the video from the ps4 to the usb and then to your pc.)

Fact:If you want your videos interesting and you want an audience that regularly watches your videos then use a mic for communicating with your chat and for commentary purposes.


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