Hi, looking to grow your youtube channel. you have come to the right place. Growing a youtube channel might seem difficult but if its your passion and you do it the right way then you can succeed. Lets begin:

1: First select your Niche. For example, will your video be a funny gaming video, funny fails, stunts or you are just recording a simple gameplay, or you are showing people how to play a game or how to do a specific mission.

2: After that Learn how to use SEO(search engine optimization) If you learn how to use SEO then you can rank your videos on youtube and it will lead you to get more views and subscribers.

3: You should produce great content that people watch and they wait for your next video and remember to produce such quality content that will turn your viewers into subscribers.

4:Design a Thumbnail because it is very important to make your thumbnails as engaging as possible while also using your thumbnail to tell a potential viewer what the video will be about. Because YouTube is primarily a visual platform where people watch videos, viewers will look at thumbnails before they read the title of your video.

5:After that you are producing great quality content, great thumbnails and using SEO, then its time to promote your content which means to promote your content on social media. Social media is a great way to promote your videos and increase your viewers and subscribers.

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