Hi.Want to generate more income, but cant find a way?Don’t worry i will tell you bow to do that so you can generate more income and support yourself. Well lets get into HOW TO GENERATE MORE INCOME.

1:Control Your Expenses

Now this is the first and a very vital(important) step to generate more income.Believe it or not controlling your expenses can make you rich or even very rich.So HOW DO YOU CONTROL YOUR EXPENSES? Here are some tips.

1:Make a Budget

Develop a realistic budget and stick to it.There are many easy ways to develop a budgeting system such as spreadsheets or online software and apps. These programs will help you determine how much you are spending and saving.

2:Limit debt

Limit the amount of debt that you take on. A rule of thumb is monthly payments on your debts should not exceed 20 percent of your take home pay.

3:Invest Wisely

wise investment is very important

2:Assets vs Liabilities

What Is the Difference Between Assets and Liabilities? An asset puts money in your pocket, A liability takes money out of your pocket.In accounting, assets are what a company owes while liabilities are what a company owns, according to the Houston Chronicle. In other words, assets are items that benefit a company economically, such as inventory, buildings, equipment and cash.

3:Develop More Assets

Now developing more assets are very important.From assets you generate income.Anything that generates income is an asset. Assets should be more that liabilities.Best income generating assets to invest:


2:Real estate investment trusts 


4:Property rentals

5:Creating your own product

4:Decrease Your Liabilities

As i mentioned above, liability takes money out of your pocket. Assets generate income..Take care of your cashflow.

Decreasing liabilities is a great way to increase net worth. By paying down your debts, you lower your liabilities, freeing up money every month.

Best Financial Books:

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