Frederique Constant Vs Raymond Weil Comparison 2020

Hi.Are you looking for a comparison between FREDERIQUE CONSTANT & RAYMOND WEIL? First of all you need to know about these 2 brands. Information about these brands:

Frédérique Constant SA is a Swiss manufacture of luxury wristwatches based in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva. It was acquired in 2016 by Citizen Holdings of Tokyo, Japan. The company was established in 1988 by Peter Stas and Aletta Stas-Bax. 

Raymond Weil Genève is a Swiss luxury watchmaker, founded in 1976 in Geneva. It is a family company founded by Raymond Weil and Simone Bédat. Raymond Weil led the company until his retirement in 2002.


Both the brands produce high quality watches. Both brands are luxury. Both are inexpensive but some watches of Frederique constant are a bit expensive but every penny is worth it and most importantly if you are looking for a luxury watch then you shouldn’t worry about some of the Frederique Constant’s watch prices because as i mentioned earlier that every penny is worth it!

Price: As i mentioned above that both brands are inexpensive but some watches of Frederique constant are a bit expensive. But don’t worry because if you are looking for a luxury watch that is not VERY EXPENSIVE then frederique constant is the right brand for you: (BELIEVE IT OR NOT, EVERY PENNY IS WORTH IT).

Names like Rolex and Patek Philippe are legendary in the watch world, but there are plenty of classic brands that are slightly more affordable which will still hold value over time. Among these are Swiss brands like Maurice Lacroix, Frederique Constant, and Raymond Weil, as well as Germany’s Mühle and the UK’s Storm.Frederique Constant is focused on affordable luxury watches and has seen success with its heart beat movement, the first such caliber made in-house, with a bridge for the balance wheel on the front side of the movement (patented design).

Gottlieb Hauser, a watchmaker in Winterthur who founded the Swiss Watchmakers Corporation (“Union Horlogère Suisse”).

Additionally, Union Horlogère Holding B.V. also owned Ateliers deMonaco SA, a watch manufacture founded in 2008 (the same year as Frédérique Constant SA) by Peter Stas with two other partners.

All three companies (Frédérique Constant SA, Alpina Watches International SA, and Ateliers deMonaco SA) are based in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland.

These companies have together been referred to as the Frederique Constant Group.

Heart Beat movement

In 2001, Frederique Constant began the development of its first watch movement in cooperation with the École d’Horlogerie de Genève, École d’Ingenieurs de Genève and the Horloge Vakschool Zadkine. The Heart Beat Manufacture has a characteristic bridge for the balance wheel on the front side of the movement. Having the bridge for the balance wheel on the front side made it possible to have the spiral and fine regulation on the front side as well, creating the company’s “Heart Beat” design. The company patented this construction as an innovation in watch design technology.

The company’s “Heart Beat Manufacture” won the “Watch of the Year” Award of Horloges Magazine in the category up to €3000 in 2005.

As of 2014, the company has brought 15 distinct movements to the market, starting with the introduction of its original Heart Beat in 2004.

Silicon escapement wheel

Frederique Constant escapement wheel made of silicon

In February 2007, Frederique Constant began production of the Silicon escapement wheel (first introduced to the industry by Patek Philippe in 2005). The company introduced the Heart Beat Calibre FC 935 Silicium in October 2007. It implements new high-tech materials to create better, more precise and more reliable mechanical watches. Deep reactive-ion etching is used to shape silicon wafers into escapement wheels, pallets, and plateaus. Silicon is lighter, harder and stronger than metal. Etched into tiny skeletal structures that would be impossible to form with metal, it becomes the featherweight heart of a mechanism that can run at a far higher accuracy. The silicon parts are virtually frictionless, so need no lubrication, and are immune to most external forces. And when bonded with a carbon coating, silicon’s only real drawback, brittleness, can also be overcome.


Frederique Constant escapement made of silicon; anker, wheel and plateau

In April 2008, Frederique Constant created a tourbillon with a silicon escape-wheel and, for the first time, an amplitude of over 300 degrees between its vertical and horizontal positions. Coupled with rapid oscillation, this gives the watch an unusually high level of precision.


Frederique Constant offers 15 manufacture (in-house) movements in addition to their mainstream line of ETA-powered watches. The high-end handwinding FC-910 caliber, introduced in 2004, was joined by Tourbillon in 2008 and a mainstream FC-7xx caliber range in 2009. The addition of the second-generation manufacture movements makes the company unusual in offering a complete in-house watch for under €2,000 MSRP. Watches with in-house movements are identified with the word, “Manufacture” in their model name, or can be identified by looking for the tourbillon, FC-9xx, or FC-7xx movement in their specifications.


Frederique Constant introduced a Worldtimer watch in 2012 with a unique mechanism, adjusted solely via the crown. The Worldtimer function is used by selecting the desired city and placing it at the 12 o’clock position on the dial. Internal discs automatically synchronise, and after that, it is possible to see what time it is in any of the 24 cities on the dial. In addition, thin discs also indicate at a glance whether it is day (white disc) or night (black disc).Frederique Constant Runabout

Runabout product line

The Runabout range is a main collection of Frederique Constant and is designed to pay tribute to the runabout gentlemen’s sports boats of the Roaring Twenties. The company has sponsored the Hélice Classique Genève and Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance boating events, which have showcased vintage wood boats.

Vintage rally line and sponsorships

Since 2004, Frederique Constant has sponsored several classic car rallies worldwide, and it develops limited-edition watches for each of these sponsorships.  Frederique constant has sponsered them.

Horological Smartwatch

In 2015, the Frederique Constant and Alpina brands introduced the “Horological Smartwatch”, a smartwatch product with motion and sleep tracking functions that uses a secondary analog dial rather than a screen for its display – giving the timepiece a more classic look than other such devices. The lack of a display screen also provides significant power saving – enabling a battery life of two years or more, in contrast to other smartwatches that must be charged daily. This product line uses “MotionX” core technology, licensed from the California-based company Fullpower Technologies and was developed in a joint venture known as Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT).

Hybrid Manufacture Smartwatch

In 2018, Frederique Constant reveals the world’s first mechanical smartwatch, the Hybrid Manufacture that fuses smartwatch technology with a mechanical movement

What Makes Frederique Constant Unique?

Over the years, Frederique Constant has come up with a lot of innovations in its watches. Let’s break them down below.

Invention Of The Heart Beat Movement

Back in 2001, the brand began manufacturing its first collection of watches using the Heart Beat movement. The Heart Beat movement uses a characteristic bridge that balances the wheel from the front side of its movement. Along with the invention of the Heart Beat movement, the brand has come up with 15 distinct movements, thereby making it one of the most innovative watchmaking companies in the world.

Introduction Of The Silicon Escapement Wheel

Frederique Constant Silicon Escapement Wheel, Innovation, Creativity, Invention, Watch Component
Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Although the escapement wheel is not a Frederique Constant original idea, this brand has developed the calibre by inventing the silicon escapement wheel. As such, the movement is more accurate, requires no lubrication, and is immune to any external forces.

Invention Of A Unique Tourbillon

Frederique Constant Tourbillon, Watch Functions, Skeleton Watch, Swiss Watch, Luxury Watch
Photo from Frederique Constant

The tourbillon is a common watch complication found across different watch brands. However, in 2008, Frederique Constant made the first tourbillon collection with silicon escape movements. With the addition of rapid oscillation, the silicon escapement provides a high level of precision, which is highly unique when compared to those of other brands in the market.

Introduction of the Worldtimer Series

Frederique Constant Worldtimer, Luxury Watch, Swiss Watch, Unique Watch, Globe Design
Photo from Frederique Constant

Frederique Constant introduced the Worldtimer series in 2012. The uniqueness of this series lies in its capacity to select a desired city and place its hands at the 12 o’clock position. The internal discs of the series automatically synchronise, making it possible to know the time in a particular city. What’s more, the discs can indicate whether it is day or night at a particular place using a white and black disc.

Introduction Of Horological Smartwatches

The Alpina brands, in conjunction with the Frederique Constant company, introduced horological smartwatches. These watches have a motion and sleep tracking functionality that relies on a secondary dial rather than using a screen for its display. This gives their timepieces a classic look compared with other devices. Apart from that, it extends the battery life of the smartwatch since it is capable of saving power.

Invention Of The Hybrid Manufacture Smartwatch

Frederique Constant revealed the first hybrid smartwatch in 2018. This watch features mechanical movements, thereby bringing modern sophistication to wearers.

Since Frederique Constant has various types of watches, it is crucial to learn details about them. Each type of watch from Frederique Constant has different features that make it unique. Thus, learning about the specifications of each watch makes it easier to choose one that suits you.



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